V-ZUG-Home networkable kitchen appliances

V-ZUG-Home networkable ovens

V-ZUG ovens have been designed in such a way that you can concentrate on what’s important - enjoyment. For each foodstuff, the assistant shows you the best way to prepare it and a selection of inspiring recipes, and sends these directly to the oven.

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V-ZUG-Home networkable cooktops

Did I turn off the hob? A common question that will never worry you again. It can be answered smartly from anywhere with V-ZUG-Home. Whether you're in the garden or on the sofa – a quick glance at the V-ZUG app is enough to put your mind at rest. Networked hobs show you their status at all times.
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V-ZUG networkable steamers & combi steamers

Our diet is an essential factor in our vitality and well-being. V-ZUG-Home can help you to implement a healthy and modern lifestyle. The V-ZUG app provides recipes that can be transferred with just a click to your steamer, for example.
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V-ZUG networkable dishwashers

V-ZUG dishwashers not only take care of the unpopular job of washing up, but also do it in a more environmentally friendly and economical way than washing up by hand. Thanks to software updates via the app, networked dishwashers are always at the cutting edge of technology.
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V-ZUG-Home networkable washroom devices

V-ZUG networkable washing machines

Effective, hygienically clean, but also resource-saving – V-ZUG washing machines are of top-class quality. But that’s not all. Thanks to a WLAN connection, the washing machine sends a message to your smartphone as soon as the washing cycle has finished.
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V-ZUG networkable tumble dryer

V-ZUG tumble dryers help you to do your housework in no time. There's no longer any need to trek to the laundry room to see whether the programme has finished – the networked tumble dryer will even let you know when the fluff filter needs cleaning, for example.
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