Wireless networking

New: selected appliances now have a WLAN module so they can be connected to your wireless network. You can only access the appliances in your home network. An internet connection is necessary for push messages, time synchronization and update functions.

LAN connection

All appliances that are compatible with V-ZUG-Home are TCP/IP-compatible and can be connected to your home network via the integrated LAN module. Additional components such as a powerline adapter or wireless bridge can set up a wireless connection to your home network.

Connecting appliances via a LAN in 5 steps

  • 1Plug the V-ZUG-Home module into the power supply.
  • 2Connect the appliance to your home network via Ethernet, a powerline adapter or a wireless bridge.
  • 3Activate the V-ZUG-Home module on your appliance.
  • 4Install the V-ZUG app on your smartphone/tablet and open it
  • 5Your appliance will now be displayed in the app

Connecting appliances via WLAN (Wifi) in 5 steps

  • 1Activate the V-ZUG-Home module on your appliance.
  • 2Install the V-ZUG app on your smartphone/tablet and open it
  • 3Add the appliance to the app
  • 4Enter the 6-digit PIN shown on the appliance in the app
  • 5Select the wireless network, enter your password and your appliance is connected

Instructions for use (PDF, 5 MB)

How can I find out whether my appliance has V-ZUG-Home?

The V-ZUG-Home configuration can be found in the user settings on your appliance, where you can activate the V-ZUG-Home mode, display information and restore the V-ZUG-Home factory settings.

What is V-ZUG-Home?

V-ZUG-Home is a function that means an appliance is networkable. We offer appliances that can be networked via a LAN or WLAN (WIFI) connection.

Which appliances can be upgraded to work with V-ZUG-Home?

Find out now whether your V-ZUG appliance is already Wi-Fi enabled or whether it can be upgraded.

Check AVAILABILITY for V-ZUG-Home appliances now!

How do I activate V-Zug Home?

Retrieve the user settings on the household appliance and select the V-ZUG-Home function.

Depending on the appliance, the setting is either Display or Operation and display.

How do I connect the appliance to my home network?

If you want to connect your appliance via a LAN
Connect the household appliance to your home network via ethernet, a powerline adapter or wireless bridge. Next, activate V-ZUG-Home in your appliance’s user settings.

If you want to connect your appliance wirelessly via a WLAN
Activate V-ZUG-Home in your household appliance’s user settings. Next, download the V-ZUG app onto your smartphone/tablet and integrate the appliance into your home network via the app.

On which smartphones/tablets does the V-ZUG app work?

The app works on Android devices, version 5.0 and above and iOS devices (Apple) version 11.0 and above.

How do I install the V-ZUG App?

For iOS (Apple):

The app is available in the Apple App Store.

For Android:

The app is available in the Google Play Store.

Or directly install the V-ZUG App on your Smartphone with our QR-Code here at the rigt side!


The household appliance cannot be integrated into the home network via WLAN.

Please check the following:
• Is the router switched on? The home network can be accessed with a smartphone/tablet. Is the WLAN symbol displayed on the smartphone/tablet?
• Is V-ZUG-Home activated on the household appliance?
• Has the V-ZUG app been downloaded?
• Can the household appliance be found in the app?
• Is the smartphone/tablet connected to the WLAN (home network)?
• Is Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone/tablet?
• For Android: “Location” must be enabled.
• Has the PIN been entered correctly (6 figures)?
• Is the correct WLAN shown? If it isn’t, the WLAN reception on the appliance is too weak.
• Has the WLAN password been entered correctly?

The household appliance cannot be added in the V-ZUG app, even though it is already connected to the home network.

Please check the following:
• Has the V-ZUG-Home diagnostics test been successfully carried out?
• Is WLAN enabled on the smartphone/tablet?
• Is the smartphone/tablet connected via WLAN to the same network as the V-ZUG appliance?
• Can other V-ZUG appliances be located in the V-ZUG app?

The V-ZUG-Home symbol is flashing at regular 1-second intervals.

• For a LAN connection: Is the household appliance physically connected to the home network?
• For a WLAN connection: Were you able to integrate the household appliance into the home network via the app?
• Is the router switched on?
• Can the smartphone/tablet be connected via the WLAN and does it have Internet access?
• Can the V-ZUG-Home diagnostic test be successfully carried out?


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Download the V-ZUG App quickly and easily from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy the V-ZUG-Home advantages and benefit from the simple networking of your V-ZUG household appliances.

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