Save energy and time

Choose hot air eco instead of top/bottom heat to save both energy and time. Hot air eco allows you to bake on multiple levels. Discover more useful energy-saving tips in the V-ZUG app now.

Investing in energy efficiency

Household appliances account for a large proportion of the energy and water we use in our day-to-day lives. By investing in a cutting-edge V-ZUG appliance, you will save valuable resources in your everyday life. We are the first company in the world to fit dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers with heat pumps – thereby setting new standards for energy consumption in these appliances. In the V-ZUG app, you’ll find a selection of useful tips on how to save even more energy in your everyday life.

Keep track of everything with the V-ZUG app

In the V-ZUG app, you can view the status of your networked appliances at any time. For instance, you can check the current temperature of your oven or steamer, or find out when your washing machine programme will be finished. The V-ZUG app also allows you to easily monitor the energy consumption of your V-ZUG appliances. With the EcoManagement function, you can keep track of how much energy your appliance has used in the last month or year.

Energy-efficient dishwashing

Select the eco programme: it takes a little longer but uses much less electricity and water. Plus, if you leave your dishwasher running overnight, you can benefit from the lower electricity tariff. Discover more useful energy-saving tips in the V-ZUG app now.

Save energy at the push of a button

The energy-saving button greatly reduces the electricity required by lowering the water temperature and the extended programme duration ensures the same desired washing result. This makes washing even more resource-saving.


Download the V-ZUG App quickly and easily from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy the V-ZUG-Home advantages and benefit from the simple networking of your V-ZUG household appliances.

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