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Stress-free, unhurried cooking: The V-ZUG GuidedCooking app guides you through the cooking process via your communications-enabled hob.

How does it work? The pan and hob exchange information using Bluetooth and help you prepare your meals.

Depending on how much input you require, you can use the app either to access recipes or utilize EasyCook.

Get to know our networkable cooktops. Find out more.

Recipes Function

From app to plate Want to easily prepare a tasty evening meal, without a lot of faff and effort?

That’s no problem, with GuidedCooking: use the app for culinary inspiration and choose one of the many recipes. Next, simply follow the preparation instructions and start up the app. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for your meal to be ready to serve. Bon appétit!

EasyCook for guaranteed success

The rice doesn’t quite turn out perfectly, and you’re never really sure how to cook fennel – no problem.

Just choose the EasyCook function in the GuidedCooking app to prepare an individual ingredient. So even if you are distracted during cooking or are unsure how to prepare something, with the help of EasyCook even your fennel will turn out perfectly.

Get to know our networkable cooktops. Find out more.

Get started

All you need for this ingenious cooking experience is a V-ZUG hob with GuidedCooking function, the GuidedCooking app and the matching Bluetooth cookware from our partner Kuhn Rikon.

Register your hob with GuidedCooking function also in the app and we will give you a matching Kuhn Rikon “Hotpan Comfort”.

This offer is available until 31.12.2022.

Now nothing stands in the way of stress-free and inspiring cooking – lots of fun.

Additionally you get 30% discount on further GuidedCooking-ready cookware from Kuhn Rikon.
Learn more about our Kuhn Rikon GuidedCooking-ready cookware here.

GuidedCooking Kuhn Rikon crosslinkable cooking pots


Read the GuidedCooking expert talk with Kuhn Rikon CEO Tobias Gerfin.

Mr. Gerfin is a lover of products that give pleasure in the kitchen and an advocate of the “Kuhn Rikon – V-ZUG solution” for networking the hob and saucepan. You can find the complete expert talk on our V-ZUG Blog.

read the expert talk now!

App Download

Download the free GuidedCooking app for your smartphone or tablet now. Available on the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

Fast and uncomplicated: Scan the QR code and immediately benefit from the numerous advantages of the app after downloading.

Enjoy the unique cooking experience with GuidedCooking in just a few steps.


Too loud, too little, too much or completely forgotten: do you sometimes neglect your extractor because you are concentrating on preparing your meal? This question is now consigned to the past. Our selected hobs (V4000 and V6000) and extractors (V6000) equipped with OptiLink take care of this task for you.

The extractor and hob exchange information via Bluetooth and ensure that the hood’s power setting is automatically adjusted in line with your cooking activities. The result – optimal air quality, with no need to activate the hood. And energy consumption is also perfectly aligned with your cooking behaviour.

Get to know our network-enabled extractor hoods. Find out more.

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It’s this easy to pair your V-ZUG built-in range hood with our GuidedCooking hobs.




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It’s this easy to pair your V-ZUG island or wall hood with our GuidedCooking hobs.


Download the V-ZUG App quickly and easily from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy the V-ZUG-Home advantages and benefit from the simple networking of your V-ZUG household appliances.

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